• Brace

    Hot dip Galvanized or Painted steel. 48.3*2.5mm, fit into outside "V" on the standard. 

  • Ledger

    Ledgers are used to tie in the standards longitudinally. On the inside of the scaffold of the scaffold they are used at platform level and on the outside as a guardrail.

  • Vertical Standard

    Vertical standards form the vertical supports and are made from 48.3mm diameter scaffold tube. They have several series of V presses welded on to provide a location for Ledgers Transoms and Brace.


Kwikstage System is a type of scaffolding used in construction and formwork and is extremely popular due to its reliability and easy construction and stripping abilities.

The industrial scaffolding systems used are modular and have a wedge for all access scaffold needs. The wedge enables erecting and dismantling to be simple and fast.

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